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From stylish solid colors and metallic floors for indoor use to highly durable flake floors and quartz flooring for outdoor surfaces, we have the floors for your home.

Pool deck coating services for homes and businesses in Palm Beach and Boca Raton

Does your pool decks have cracks, stains or maybe even chips that let’s face it, looks horrible? If that is the case, now may be the time to resurface it.

It’s essential to protect your deck from vulnerabilities such as the weather elements and water damage. If left unprotected, you risk damage to your pool system and potential injuries to your family and guests.

The number one way for home and business owners to spruce up their pool deck is with polyaspartic pool deck coatings around the swimming pool. At Concrete Floor Coating Experts, we use polyaspartic coating, which is a stronger product than epoxy.

Our pool deck coating will also keep your pool deck cooler in the blazing hot Florida summers and will give you better traction around the pool area, preventing slip and fall incidents.

With our range of decorative concrete floor finishes, installing a beautiful polyaspartic pool deck will add value to your home and give your pool area a much better look.

Pool Deck Resurfacing In Palm Beach
Concrete Resurfacing Palm Beach Florida

Driveway and Patio Coatings

If your Palm Beach outdoor surfaces have started to look tired and worn out, it is probably time to resurface them.

Cracks and holes on your driveway or patio will not only kill your curb appeal but can also cause moisture issues to your home foundations.

Our patio and driveway coating systems will not only enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor living space but will also protect it against harmful UV rays, heavy foot traffic, and other harsh elements.

Our outdoor concrete coatings are guaranteed to transform your patio or driveway into a stylish and durable finish that is easy to clean, crack and stain resistant.

interior floor coatings
Palm Beach

Are you tired of struggling with uneven, cracked, and dingy interior flooring? Do you need a floor for your home that is hypoallergenic, pet friendly and with one of a kind look and finish?

We can help you get the perfect residential floor you’ve always wanted with durable and affordable polyaspartic floor coating installation.

With our floor coatings, you can transform any room in your home into a stylish, modern, unique space. Our coatings are easy to clean and maintain, do not harbor any dust or bacteria, are scratch and stain resistant.

For stylish, bright and modern spaces, choose a solid color finish. If you prefer a one of a kind floor that resembles marble, granite, water or lava flow, choose our metallic floor coating. Or if you prefer a textured decorative floor, choose our flake floor coating.

Either floor finishes you go for, we guarantee that you will receive a floor that you can look back in 15 to 20 years and still look brand new.

Metallic Flooring Palm Beach Florida
Flake Flooring Palm Beach

How we do it

  • Step 1

    First, we prepare your concrete by mechanically grinding the surface. This ensures that old paints, coatings, stains and dirt are removed.

  • Step 2

    We repair any cracks, holes and imperfections on the floor. This ensures the structural integrity of both the concrete and your new floor coating.

  • Step 3

    We roll out primer that fuses directly into concrete to create an incredible bond that won’t peel.

  • Step 4

    We move onto applying the chosen finish. For flake flooring we broadcast the decorative flakes across the floor making sure to evenly cover the entire space for a seamless finish. For metallic floor finish we apply the metallic mica pigments onto the floor.

  • Step 5

    Lastly, we apply our highly durable and abrasion-resistant polyaspartic topcoat to protect the floor from wear and tear, while maintaining an attractive, glossy finish for years to come.

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