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Beautiful, durable and long-lasting concrete flooring solution that’s right for your business!

Warehouse Flooring Palm Beach

In heavy traffic areas that require added resistance to chemicals, damage from heavy equipment, or constant impact & abrasion, a carefully chosen floor coating that’s right for your warehouse is likely the most suitable choice. Our floor coatings are designed to protect the concrete floors of your warehouse while providing a wide range of unique benefits that are specific to each individual use case.

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    Provide years of durable protection for a concrete surface.

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    Withstand heavy equipment traffic, excessive foot traffic, and extensive wear & tear.

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    Minimize cracks, crevices, or grout lines that could contribute to mold, mildew, or bacterial growth.

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    Withstand extreme temperatures in warehouses where heat or refrigeration impacts interior conditions.

Whether you need USDA-compliant polyaspartic flooring for a warehouse that provides industrial-grade food storage, or you’re just looking for a decorative, easy to clean coating that will withstand extensive foot traffic and the use of pallet jacks to move goods from one area to another, Concrete Floor Coatings Experts has a warehouse epoxy flooring solution that’s right for you!

Commercial Flooring In Palm Beach Florida
Polyaspartic Flooring Palm Beach FL

Commercial Flooring Palm Beach

No matter how busy your store, restaurant, office, auto repair shop, dealership, showroom or hotel is, you need a flooring system that will provide long-lasting durability without requiring extensive maintenance that could otherwise require your establishment to close down.

Commercial flooring has the burden of remaining durable, aesthetically pleasing, and viable despite consistent wear and tear, impacts from equipment, and frequent spills or stains from grease, food, and other liquids.

Finding the right floor finish for your commercial concrete floor surface is vital to the safety of your staff and patrons, as well as to the success of your business.

Our concrete shop flooring solutions give you high performance, low maintenance, fully customized polyaspartic coatings. Polyaspartic coatings create a non-porous, seamless surface that protects the concrete substrate from dirt, grime, potentially harmful chemicals, spills and stains that could otherwise penetrate the surface.

Our ultra-high gloss polyaspartic coatings are fully customizable and available in a wide variety of colors and textures which can be customized to meet the unique demands of every area of your business.

At Concrete Floor Coating Experts, we work closely with clients to establish commercial concrete flooring solutions that are most suited to their unique environments and individual needs.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Coatings Palm Beach

Like most environments, flooring in commercial kitchens has very unique challenges to overcome. A commercial kitchen flooring system must be durable and long-lasting to prevent interruptions in service, but it must also be safe, functional, easy to clean and in open style kitchens fashionable. The best flooring for a commercial kitchen is a system that can hold up to harsh wear and tear, frequent spills, and stringent sanitization.

Our polyaspartic and quartz floor coatings for commercial kitchens are extremely durable and can resist permeation of any abrasive cleaning chemicals or compounds such as animal fats, hot oils, grease or other liquids which may break down along the surface of the floor following a spill. Even frequent use of steel-wheeled carts and storage crates rolling across the surface will not damage the floor.

Our resinous flooring for commercial kitchens provides an easy to clean and durable finish that can withstand stringent sanitization standards for an inspection-ready commercial kitchen.

Easily cleaned using high pressure washing and chemical sanitization, our durable coatings hold up to rigorous, pathogen killing cleaning procedures as set by the USDA, FDA, or similar government agencies to ensure a hygienic cooking environment.

Commercial kitchen quartz floors create a seamless bond to the concrete substrate, preventing liquids or harmful contaminants from seeping below the surface or otherwise puddling or pooling to cause contamination. Wall-to-floor coving eliminates the potential for pathogenic buildup along crevices, cracks, or corners.

Just like today’s commercial kitchens come in all different shapes and sizes, with very different needs, so do today’s commercial kitchen flooring solutions. Our strong, long-lasting, non-slip commercial kitchen flooring options include many different decorative polyaspartic finishes and specialty coatings that are just right for your commercial kitchen environment.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Palm Beach Florida

Commercial Businesses we Service

Each business is different and when it comes to flooring systems in commercial settings, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A variety of epoxy coating finishes are available for flooring in restaurants, retail, warehouses and virtually any interior space you can imagine. At Concrete Floor Coating Experts, we have a beautiful, durable and long-lasting concrete flooring solution that’s right for you!




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Our Palm Beach County Concrete Floor Services

Our Palm Beach County Concrete Floor Services