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What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a type of floor installation where the existing concrete surface is utilized to create a durable and attractive floor. Even that originally polished concrete was used in commercial installation, it is becoming increasingly popular among Palm Beach home, retail and commercial owners.

To achieve polished concrete, the existing floor is grounded using a variety of diamond abrasives and polishing pads. The level of stone exposure and sheen can vary depending on the prefered floor finish. Polished concrete can range from low stone exposure and gloss level of 100 grit to high stone exposure, high sheen and glass like surface of 3000 diamond grit.

To achieve the extreme durability polished concrete floors are known for, a concrete hardener is applied to the floor, to protect from damage.

Without question, using the polyurea coating for your garage floor is the best option.  Your new concrete floor coating will look fresh and like new for years to come with very little maintenance required.

With various colors, patterns and textures, you have endless possibilities for colors and choices to perfectly match the rest of your garage.

Retail Polished Concrete Palm Beach Florida

Polished concrete was originally designed for industrial installation.  This is why it provides a level of durability that is hard to match by any other type of flooring install. Because of its durability, in residential use polished concrete floors can last upwards of 20 years without the need of maintenance by a professional contractor.


Instead of adding additional materials to your floor, polished concrete uses your existing floor. Because there is no waxing or other maintenance, polished concrete floors are a great way of reducing waste, making them the most environmentally friendly flooring solution available.


Unlike wood, carpet, or laminate floors, polished concrete floors don’t release volatile organic compounds into the air you breathe — dust and chemicals that are linked to harmful respiratory and immune effects.

Slip Resistant

This floor finish is known for anti slip properties and proves to be safer compared to wood and other flooring formats all while being cost efficient.


With its light reflective properties, polished concrete floors have advantages over other flooring to help homeowners get leed certification credits.


A concrete floor with the right choice of design and details can add value and enhance the aesthetics of project spaces.

Polished Concrete Palm Beach Florida

Commercial Polished Concrete Palm Beach

The first impression your business makes on a client or customer could be the difference in whether you succeed of fail and a great first impression starts with an amazing appearance.

Thanks to polished concrete aesthetics, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and affordability many Palm Beach business are choosing polished concrete floors to create positive visual statements in their properties, while having a safe and attractive workplace for their staff.

The hard wearing, light reflective surface of polished concrete, makes them great for Palm Beach county business that rely on artificial lighting such as retail shops, grocery stores, warehouses and etc. Creating a bright ambient and healthy work environment is guaranteed to increase workers productivity too.

The durable, seamless surfaces, makes them great for businesses that receive high foot traffic and need a floor that is easy to clean and maintain, such as Palm Beach restaurants, office buildings, hotel lobbies, churches and schools.

If you want to create a memorable impressions on your guests and clients, choosing polished concrete, can go a long way. At Concrete Floor Coating Experts we can help you decide on the most suitable polished concrete floor for use througth your business.

Residential Polished Concrete

Do you want a floor that is environmentally and energy friendly for your home? Polished concrete might be just what you are looking for.

Using the existing concrete slab in your home, with polished concrete you can create a modern interior, that is light reflective, minimizing your energy bills.

Thanks to the thermal properties of concrete, polished concrete has the ability to retain heat, keeping your home cool and reducing cooling bills.

With its seamless finish which doesn't retain any dust, dirt or allergence, polished concrete floors are classified one of the very floors that are hypoallergenic and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Polished concrete are also great for homes with pets. They do not emit any harmful VOCs and their hard-wearing, non slip surface is ideal for running around, without leaving any claw marks.

Polished concrete comes in variety of stone exposure and gloss levels, to suit any interior design. Contact our flooring experts to help you choose the most suitable polished concrete for your project.

Polished Concrete Floors Palm Beach Florida

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